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22.10.2011 - Bochum

Are there any songs that didn't make it to the record, so you recorded them and didn't put them on the album?
M: There was one. We recorded this song called "Against The Wind". It didn't work... Like at all. We already did it and it just wasn't as good as the rest. Maybe we can use it on the following album, but it needs some work.

 S: The song was ready basically like one day before we went to the studio. We thought it was ready but... it wasn't.

So are there any new songs already?
M: Not ready yet. We have few ideas, just have to start working on them. But it's not enough material yet, we're trying to look for inspiration.

Maybe on your stay in Germany? ;)

M: Yeah. ;)


Which song do you like the most of your own ones?
M: There are so many of them...

S: Depends on the mood.

M: It would be easier to say which songs I don't like. Which are... *thinks*... I don't like... Find'n'Loose.

(At this point we couldn't help but laugh)
S: Why did you wrote it then?!
M: I don't know.
Another song you don't like?
M: Bring you back. Print Lies. Those were not meant to be recorded. *laughs*

And which one is your favourite to play live?
M: Times To Be Remembered and Shine A Light.

(We kindly remind Matti that he's also having some problems with Shine A Light when it comes to the lyrics)

Your favouite song to fuck up *laughs*
M: Yes. It doesn't mean I can't play it.
So, same question for you, favourite song to play live?
S: Elegantly Wasted is always fun to play. It's a good live.

J: Times To Be Remembered.


Which song do you never perform live and why?
M: Hearsay Factory... but we did last night.

S: I don't like it. I don't wanna do it. I just don't like the song. *laughs*

Is there any song all of you like? At least one?
S: Hell Or High Water.

M: No, I don't like that.

Didn't you say last night it's your favourite?
M: I lied. I hate it.

(General laughter)


Which song took the most time to get recorded?
M: I really had hard times singing Orange Moon. It took a lot of takes to get it right. It just didn't sound good. Even when I nailed it, it didn't sound right.

And about drums and bass?
S: No, I'm just that good.
J: Orange Moon was basically the only song which we had to re-do week after week. All the others were so easy.

S: For me it's different 'cos when I start to practice a new song I just get the first idea right away.

M: Usually the first thing you come up with works. Sometimes I'm trying to make some changes but usually it just doesn't work.


Enough about recordings, what about touring? Which german city would you play in if you could choose any? One option to choose: It's Munich.
(This has been some kind of joke since they never came to Munich by now though we were trying to get them there)

S: Munich! ... We always had fun in Leipzig.

M: Leipzig.

S: And Köln.

J: I'd choose somewhere we haven't played yet.

J: Yeah, Munich!

Talk about touring, will there be an acoustic tour in Germany? Or an Acoustic Sauna?
M: Hopefully. It's a great idea.

What does it take to make this tour happen?
M: Absolutely nothing. Tons of cash. *laughs*

(Here we have a little break 'cos Simo got a call)


So... If you could steal the voice or skills of any other musician, who would you choose?
M: ... Not this person... No, he's dead... *thinks* Nah, Elvis, anyway.

S: I would like to play the guitar also so I would like to steal some guitarist's talent.

J: Well as a bassplayer I like myself but if I could choose someone else... I really admire... It's hard to choose between Leonard Cohen and Frank Sinatra.

And which song would you love to have written or composed?
M: Whatever is number one of the charts.

S: It's a hard question... Everlong by Foo Fighters.

J: Strangers In The Night by Sinatra. It's a song I keep on listening every year. It doesn't go away, it doesn't get old.


Matthau Mikojan was meant to be a solo-project first, are you glad it turned out to be a band or do you ... (A little confusion)... rather want them not to be around you?
(Everyone's laughing because obviously the question came out wrong)

M: I don't need to hang around with them. Nevermind those guys.

S: Those motherfuckers. *laughs*
M: This hasn't been a solo-thing for a long time now. Just last night when we were walking around I told them I really love playing with them.

So have you ever thought of changing the name of the band?
M: Yes, we have actually. Like "Change the whole thing, a new name, same line-up,..." We didn't.

It's nearly the end of the year, do you have any plans for next year?
M: Well, we need to get ideas and work on new songs.

S: Write more songs.

J: More songs, more gigs,... just like that.


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