Matthau's Studio Blog (can't remember when and where...)


Yesterday was a short day (not any shorter than any other day) but within those couple of hours I sang three leads; Got No Face, Hell Or High Water and Gambling Girl. It´s always very emotional for me to do the leads because every song tells a story somehow related to my own life (except for Candy Wraps, hah). It´s almost like acting, you know, trying to reach the same emotional state you had while writing them... Gambling Girl is about someone I know and it´s absolutely a true story and I had a bit hard time keeping a poker face doing it... this person is hilarious.

Matthau's Studio Blog (Sep 28th - 30th)


Looks like we got all the basic tracks done... Great and kinda sad at the same time. It´s almost three weeks since we started recording this album but it feels like a couple of days. I should quickly write more songs to keep us occupied... I mean, what else is there to do? Hang around in bars?! Next week I´ll sing and who knows what we come up with -We´re goinna hire a couple of musicians to play some violin and stuff on a few songs... shall be interesting. I think we´re also gonna try a female voice on one particular song.

Matthau's Studio Blog (Sep 21st - Sep 27th)


Last Wednesday the 22nd Janne recorded Hell Or High Water and Blind Arrows and on Thursday we did Orange Moon. It´s been so exciting recording my guitar parts with all the toys we got. I´ve got my Fender Telecaster, Stratocaster, Gibson Les Paul, Gibson Faded DC, Firebird, 12-string acoustic, Walden acoustic, PRS Baritone guitar, Marshall JCM 800, JCM 2000 and this old vintage amp by Marshall plus GT Soul O Combo not to mention the 20 something effect boxes in the corner of the room. I´ve got a hard-on all the time ;o)

On Friday we headed to Germany. We played one gig in Bochum (organised by Deutsch-Finnische Gesellschaft). The whole trip was very well organised and the show was one of our bests... the crowd was amazing!!! Today I focused on Got No Face and Hell Or High Water. I can honestly say I have never been as proud of my guitar playing as today... Jari Latomaa (producer) and I made art (!) The only thing that annoys me is the fact that I cannot work around the clock because obviously Jari has a life outside studio whereas I would be more than happy to work day and night. This album is the best thing I´ve ever done!!!

Matthau's Studio Blog (Day 3 to 9)


Wednesday the 15th was off. On Thursday morning(ish) we set up amplifiers (three different kind of Marshalls) in search for the right guitar sound. A couple of hours later we found it. This time we´re not working very logically... I mean we may play some guitar today and tomorrow it´s something else. That´s because we´re broke and we have to work. Well, it doesn´t matter. On Friday we had a gig to play which fucked up the whole set-up because obviously we needed our gear there. It´s been like this all the time but miraculously things are going forward. At the moment Janne is playing bass and I´m thinking of making myself a cup of coffee ;o) Oh, BTW... We took some killer shots of our new line-up with a fantastic photographer Petri Vilén all over Tampere last night.

Matthau's Studio Blog (Day One and Two)


Yesterday we took our gear back to studio. We set up a couple of microphones to run through the songs just to feel more comfortable when the tape rolls. Rehearsing payed off and we soon realized there was nothing to worry about... we`re gonna make a great record.

Today Simo played drums to five songs(!!!) which is a lot (he should slow down -we booked five days for the drums) but I already told you we did our homework. Tomorrow he`s probably gonna do the rest and then I`m off to collect my guitars from all over the town, hah!

By the way, has anyone got a VOX amplifier... any kind. I could use it ;o)


to be continued...