18.11.2008 Another Aloha!

John! Last evening I started recording my vocal tracks... we spent the whole day setting up candles and incense sticks... well, not really the whole day but anyway, the most important thing is to have a picture of Sophia Lorén in the singing booth. The first song I wrote for this album was ..Elegantly Wasted.. so we did that first... You wouldn't believe how good it sounds (!)... Oh, I almost forgot to mention that the album is supposed to come out in February 2009!!! What a great news! I also have a title for the album but I'm not gonna tell yet (smirks)... For now, that's all folks.



05.11.2008 Cheers from Studio

What's up?!!!!
Listening to Simo beat the shit out of his drums gives me thrills... damn, he's good... but Simo, don't let it go to your head because so are we (Teemu & myself)...
Anyway, I'm so excited about this new album just because the songs are phenomenal and our playing couldn't get any better. Teemu had to go back home yesterday and that is a bummer because this studio is so inspiring... we have been writing new songs by the fireplace and we actually already recorded the drum tracks to them... Fuck yeah! I would love to tell more but I've got to get back to work now. Aloha Hawaii!




The drum tracks for the album are almost done! And I (+everyone else here) have to say that... umm... what was the word... can't remember... oh yes:

It's beginning to work! = Alkaa toimiin! Great sound, kick ass drumming and a hell of a good time in the studio all'n'all. Just a few things for me to play again and then all of the new songs are done & done on my part. Talk to you soon as we get more things ready...

"Beer here! I'll take ten! "

02.11.2008 Petrax Studios - Finland

Couldn't feel better at the moment. We are at Petrax Studios in Hollola. It's a place near Lahti city.

And we just got here something like five hours a go, set up our gear, checked out some arrangements with our producers, been drinking some beer, practised a few new things for tomorrow and went to the sauna. Now we're chilling by the fire place wathing a Billy Idol dvd, talking shit and having a few more beers...

Me personally, I'm feeling pretty damn exited 'cause tomorrow it starts.. Recording the second album! We'll be recording the first drum tracks for the second Matthau Mikojan album tomorrow morning so I guess head to bed quite soon. Keeping in mind that monday, tuesday and wednesday are once again a chance/place/pleasure for me to present the best drumming that I can so...