Germany Gypsy Tour 2010

The unofficial Vahvaa Näyttöä - Gangbang - Tour

Matthau: A good friend of ours Olli Mustajärvi picked me up exactly at seven AM after which we collected everybody else and headed to Pirkkala. At the airport our trip to Germany almost came to a halt; Simo had forgotten to add his cymbal hardcase to his flight which meant that we would have to rent them or borrow them from support acts night after night, which we did. We were fortunate to have such understanding and fine bands supporting us. I was next in line to fuck things up. I had left my boarding pass at home and had to pay 40€ to get a new print. Shit! But that was nothing compared to Jussi, our sound engineer, who had booked his flight for the wrong month Feb 10th. By the time we were up in the air we were already arrprox. 300€ poorer. Ryanair -Fly Cheaper!
A few hours later we were greeted by our booker Elfi and our driver Goran who drove us to a hostel in Hamburg. For Jussi and Ossi, our good friend who was there filming and taking pictures, it was their first time in Germany so we immediately went downstairs for beers (except for Simo) at a bar called Willi´s which turned out to be "labelled with a rainbow ;o)".
Before we knew we were in the middle of soundcheck at a familiar club called Logo excited as always. We played a great show and it was a perfect start for the tour. After the show our boys headed to Reeperbahn. 
Simo: Our friend gave us a ride to Reeperbahn. This time it wasn´t as wild as it was a couple of years ago but last time it was Saturday, so... That doesn´t mean we didn´t have tons of fun, though. As weird as it sounds we actually ran into a band from Finland called Monday. These guys were just as drunk as we were. I mean, what are the odds?!
Next morning we headed to Berlin. In Berlin we did our first signing session at the X-tra-X shop. We were late as usual. Usually people ask us to sign the weirdest things but this one tops them all; we were asked to sign a LIVING TURTLE! It was probably cool but Please do NOT bring animals of any kind to these sessions. They don´t understand what it´s all about. Thanks ;o)
Daily rhythm on tour is always pretty much the same. Wake up hungover, travel to the next town, get through the soundcheck, eat, drink, wait, wait more and PLAY. That night we played a great gig at a club called Knaack. An old friend of ours was among the audience so we couldn´t just call it a day and go to the hotel after the show which in any other case we would have done, of course... ****SHIT!!! So we reserved a table at a place called White Trash and decided to enjoy ourselves instead.
Once we got back to the hotel we got dressed up in each others clothes (for whatever reason) and to be honest this is where our collective memory starts to weaken. Nevertheless everybody found their way to bed except for Janne who was found sleeping on the kitchen floor and Matthau who was still sitting at the kitchen table holding on to his bottle of beer -passed out.
Next morning we had a fine breakfast and headed to Leipzig. Leipzig has always been fantastic and this time was no different. First we did a signing session at X-tra-X and then to the gig. We played at Four Rooms again. The place was packed.
We were so thrilled that we forgot to leave after the show and stayed there until early in the morning. Thank you Leipzig, once again! 
Jussi: A Special thanks to Pub N´ Steel who brought the mixing console and microphones... If it wasn´t for you.
Our next target was a cool place called Paunchy Cats in Lichtenfels. It was a great night and we had a lot of fun. After the show: Matthau and Janne got what they wanted (a bottle of Jack) and went back to the hotel, whereas Simo, Ossi and Jussi took the free advantage of the night´s sponsor Jägermeister. Thanks Sebastian!
The place we stayed was one of the coolest ever. There was a river flowing right under our window... Had we had our fishing reels with us, it would´ve been fantastic.
The next morning our super heroes woke up fresh ready for the brand new day; a cup of coffee, breakfast etc. Matthau was being treated that morning; he got his breakfast in bed. He was so amazed and full of gratitude that he fell asleep in-the-middle-of-sentence style pouring the contents of his cup full of hot coffee all over himself. Great success!!!
The next city was Ludwigsburg. The drive there was hellish. We were scared to death sitting in the back of the car when our driver does everything but focuses on driving. I mean, when you drive at 180 km/h while it´s pouring rain do you have to A) eat, B) talk on your cell phone, C) play with your mp3 or D) tell one of your endless stories facing us in the back of the car.
We played at a club called Rockfabrik where we had a backline from hell. Nothing worked.
There was problems with drums and the bass amplifier was not working properly not to mention the guitar amp which was from outer space as far as we´re concerned. Despite all that we did our best to entertain and keep it up. This kinda stuff happens when you´re using different backline every night. Thanks to Pink Mercury who cancelled one week prior to the tour. Anyway we gave 100%.
Monday was day off. Our initial plan was to drive to Köln on Monday morning and chill out n´ take it easy. This never happened. Our driver, for whatever reason, chose not to follow the GPS and a three hour drive turned into five hours including a prayer break, YES a prayer break, up on a hill in the middle of nowhere 30 km away from Köln. Fuck!
Anyway, once we got to Köln we went to have dinner, ridiculously good chinese in this case. Go check out this restaurant called Big China -it´s fantastic! We also found this amazing 60 years old pub where we laughed ourselves to death -all the tension was gone. For the rest of the evening we enjoyed the company of some locals and some Spanish/Austrian tourists at the hotel bar. Cheers!
The next day we went shopping and checking out the town. It was a beautiful, magical day. In the afternoon we had one more signing session to do at the Art of Dark store. It sounds easy, doesn´t it, but with a driver like ours it was extremely difficult. If you got GPS how can you be lost all the time? It´s easy; when GPS tells you to turn right -turn left! etc. and you get the idea.
In the end this nice guy from Art of Dark guided us there by hand, literally.
The last show of the tour took place at a club called MTC. I´m not sure but I think I´ve been there before. It was not called MTC then but something else. This was in 2006 with Bloodpit. I personally think it was the best show of the whole tour. It really was magic!!!
The next morning we flew back to Finland pocket full of memories we will never forget. Thank you Germany! Special thanks go to Elfi, Goran, all the support bands (we can´t thank you enough). We also want to apologise all those who found our presence unpleasant or disturbing... Nah, just piss off! ;o)
Matthau, Simo, Janne, Ossi and Jussi

Germany/Switzerland Tour 2008

The "Schraubelocker"-Tour

Wild At Heart, BERLIN 17.10.2008
I believe this was my third show at Wild At Heart and just like both times before the crowd didn..t let us down. When we arrived in Berlin we were all dying to shower but as many times before during the tour we didn..t have time for that and we headed pretty much straight to the signing session at X-tra-X. Once finished it was time to do the soundcheck only to find out that Teemu..s borrowed bass amplifier was broken and the other bands that night (Tunes Of Dawn and The Jade) didn..t have any extra gear since the amplifier was actually Hagen..s from Tunes Of Dawn so for a brief moment we were a little worried but someone somehow, I don..t know who, fixed it and the night was safe. That night we did something special: Simo and I swaped instruments him singing the lead and me on the drums. We did one of Simo..s favourites Wicked Game and if my memory serves me there was this loud woman in the front row trying to say (or yell, or mumble) something to Simo while he was trying to introduce the song... it was hilarious. Our dear friend Glampire Tom threw an aftershow party where I met this gypsy woman who I wrote a song about called Gypsy Eye which is on the new album. There was something about her that made me write lyrics related to that situation or a conversation I had with her. Anyway, we all stayed in the club until very early next morning.


Four Rooms, LEIPZIG 18.10.2008
Leipzig was really "our" town... the crowd and the atmosphere was amazing!
In the morning, tired as hell, we headed to the second X-tra-X signing session still unshowered... is that a word???... Nevermind... and we couldn..t believe our eyes when we saw all those people outside the store waiting for us. I remember some girl with a bottle of wine came to us and asked: "you guys wanna have some?" We did. And inside the store they served some honey wine... I mean if there was such a store here in Finland we..d be there all the time. The gig was a gas even though they didn..t have a proper PA system in the house but the crowd was fantastic and we had a lot of fun!!! Unfortunately we had to leave pretty soon after the show to catch our flight from Berlin to Helsinki and I can honestly say we could have easily kept touring for another ten days or more. The tour was way beyond our expectations and we had so much fun going crazy in Germany and Switzerland and we are definitely coming back as soon as possible!!! Fuck yeah!