Ihr fragt euch vielleicht was die Jungs tun wenn sie nicht gerade "Matthau Mikojan" sind...
Die Antwort ist recht einfach: Musik natürlich!

(Da diese Bands zurzeit nur in Finnland aktiv sind belassen wir es nachfolgend bei englischen Texten)

Um mehr über die Bands zu erfahren: Einfach auf die Bilder klicken!


Maybe you've been wondering what the guys do while they're not "Matthau Mikojan"...

The answer is of course: Music!

To get more infos about the bands simply click the pics!

They just can't get enough!
Matti takes a little step back from what he does in Matthau Mikojan - he's totally fine with playing guitar in Don Skorleone & Consiglieres and doing background vocals but wait... who's that?! Janne on bass again?! That surely rocks. Btw, we can also find Janne/Jimmys friend Derek Sindel here. If that ain't promising...!


Besides the official homepage, there's a Facebook to check out as well.

If you had some finnish lessons or know how to use Google Translator you'll be just fine ;)

Now let's talk about Jimmy. This basically is no mistake 'cos our long-haired bass-player known as "Janne" happens to have a second personality - Jimmy Sindel.

Being Jimmy of Derek Sindel Rock Band he still plays bass and... sings. Together with Derek though ;)


Have a look at their Facebook too but beware! It's not like they'd bite you but maybe the finnish language on both sites does ;)


Derek Sindel Rock Band

Simo plays ... drums - we should have know it ;) - in a band called The Bitterlicks. You may find some postings about "The Glitterpigs" which, in fact is just a nickname. So if you read any of those names playing near you, you'd better be there!

Check out the Unofficial Supportpage as well!


[Unofficial] The Bitterlicks on Facebook