Hier möchten wir Freunden, befreundeten Bands, und Blogs ein wenig Platz einräumen um ihnen zu danken! Um auf die jeweiligen Homepages zu kommen -> Bilder *klick*

Here we'd like to offer a small place for our friends, befriended bands, and blogs to say thank you! Get to their homepages -> pics *click*

"Essentia International is an official Support for the finnish band Essentia.
Here you'll find everything about the band, upcoming gigs, latest news, fans from all over the world and much more.
Since 2007 we support and help them to take over the world.

Wanna help us? Great, then join the Brotherhood/Sisterhood and spread the word about this awesome band."


Or simply click the pic to see Essentia International's Facebook page.


Essentia International is our partner-site run by a good friend. She supports Matthau Mikojan, so what's your excuse to not support her and Essentia as well? ;)

Visit Essentia's Bandpage on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Essentiaband

Nro.83 [numero kaksikolme] is a rather young band, founded in Tampere in 2009 but they sure know how to rock! If you have missed to get their first EP "L-Kirjain" - your next chance called "Velipoika" is on the way.
Our advice: Get your hands on it!

Music House Korso gives chances to every band to have a place to play at. You can rent a rehearsal-room for a small few, get lessons or get good advices - so stop hanging around in your garage making your neighbours mad and start rockin'!

Indie Music Finland - a place for independent artists to get the professional service they need and deserve. Merchandise, CD and DvD-printing, mixing service, graphics, artwork, websites,... IMF is all you need!

Thanks to Emila from Rain Diary Poland for being friends! ;)


Emila also co-hosts Black Water - a polish site for underground music with a nice radio. Feel free to tune in!